Monday was the first day of my sport class, Klettern – or rock climbing. I was super excited that I am still able to climb all summer, even though I am not home to climb with my usual buddies, Paul & Scott. :) The class met at a side entrance to Thüringenhalle, kind of like a multi-purpose building used for a variety of events (Even though we met at the side entrance, I didn’t think anything of it…). Once everyone had arrived, we proceeded to walk towards the back of the facility, and through a couple of different doorways. Once we finally got to the climbing area, it was like the wall was just built behind the main stage area of the facility! Two-thirds of the walls were just plywood, with the ‘rock’ pieces drilled into the wood! Definitely not like Sportrock, but hey, it’ll work! Before leaving the states, I debated about whether to pack my climbing gear, but eventually decided against it. In retrospect, I wish I had packed at least my shoes.. Since I didn’t have shoes, I just climbed in tennis shoes (all other gear was provided). It was definitely a challenge and not what I’m used to. Since I have such big feet, Mom and Dad would have to use the medium-sized flat rate shipping box to send them, and that alone is around $50! I had the idea of just buying a cheap pair of shoes here, but have yet to discuss it with Mom or Dad. If I could find a pair of shoes for around 50 Euros, that would be about $60, almost the same price as to ship my current shoes. I must look into this further though…

I am, however, happy to report that there is a REAL climbing facility opening in Erfurt! Their grand opening is this Sunday! Anni and I have decided to go and check it out! Maybe we can climb there, too! (Anni is not in the Klettern class, but still is interested in climbing! YAY!) The name of the place is Nordwand Erfurt. They don’t have their website set up yet, but hopefully soon! (If you Google it with the word ‘klettern’, you can find a Facebook page for them though!)

This climbing course is for advanced climbers, so I just assumed that it was only for experienced climbers. After our first day of class, the instructor informs us that we will be learning lead climbing, as opposed to top rope climbing, which is all that I have climbed in the two years that I have been climbing. I am both excited and nervous to start lead climbing! Something about it just seems scarier than top roping – maybe it’s because the rope is not right in front of my face…

Shout out to Scott here: the instructor said that I was really good at turning and pivoting, as opposed to climbing straight on. And it was only the first class! Thanks for all the advice and teaching!!

No pictures as of yet, but hopefully I will get some pictures of where I’m climbing, so you can see the difference between here and Sportrock!

‘Til next time..


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  1. Most COOL! You may be ahead of Paul and I, as I/we have not been to the gym (or outdoors) since you left. Been slammed at work. More than likely they will have you do sport leading. We can work on the real (Trad) stuff when you get back! Hopefully I will be in shape to do that…

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