On Friday I arrived in Lüneburg and Ryan showed me around the town. It is busier than Erfurt and has less public transportation. There are more cars driving around the city and it reminded me of the USA. Ryan told me that Lüneburg was one of the only cities in the area that was not bombed or completely destroyed during both world wars, so most if the buildings in the city centre are original. Most of the buildings in Lüneburg are brick, whereas most of the buildings in Erfurt are ‘typical German’ half-timbered buildings. I still think Erfurt is prettier, but it’s nice to see different regions having different styles of architecture.  I do like the fact that there are parts of Altstadt Erfurt that only pedestrians or the Straßenbahn can go.

On Saturday Ryan and I met up with his other friend Nick and the three of us took a day trip to Hamburg. It is a nice place to visit and say ‘I’ve been there’ but I wouldn’t want to live in Hamburg – it’s too busy. While in Hamburg, we went to the spring festival. It reminded me of county fairs growing up, however they did not have all-you-can-ride wristbands. You had to pay for every ride you wanted to go on, and some of them were not cheap, but some were definitely worth it. Ryan and I only went on two rides and of course the Ferris wheel. It was a neat perspective to see the city from way up in the air.

To view pictures of Lüneburg and Hamburg, visit the ‘Photos’ page.

After a pleasant, but long afternoon in Hamburg we returned to Lüneburg and just relaxed after dinner.  Sometimes it’s nice not being on a jam-packed sight-seeing schedule.

There will probably be one more post about Lüneburg before I leave – I’m planning on visiting the Lüneburger Salzmuseum tomorrow. :)

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