Although this post was not originally published on 5.4.2014, these events happened the weekend of 5-6.4.2014, so I am changing the publishing date to then. –N 13.4.2014

Today a handful of us took a trip to Weimar. Since we are students, we get free transportation in all of the state of Thuringia. It was about a 15 minute train ride and only two stops away! Although Weimar is known for the Weimar Republic and authors Goethe and Schiller, it is a VERY small city. There was not a lot to do there. We got currywurst for lunch (and FYI the Döner Bistro in Leesburg was pretty close) and then we walked around, took a picture with Goethe and Schiller’s statues, walked around the Goethe Garten, and walked around the city centre. It was only an afternoon trip and we were back in Erfurt for dinner. I will post a gallery of Weimar pics, so you can view all of the photos here.

This was two of the American exchange students’ 21st birthday weekend. There was a small get together of exchange students on Friday night and then tonight, we had the weekly reservation at the Dubliner so we went back for karaoke night. Someone from our table sang ‘Bitte gibt mir nur ein Wort’ and I was so excited that I could sing the chorus without looking at the lyrics on the TV screen! (Thank you Frau Vogelbach for all those German music videos in class!) -5.4.2014


One thought on “Weimar

  1. There is not a lot to do there????
    It’s the center of German neo-classical / romantic literature. There are plenty of museums. Also, you have the Bauhausmuseum (right at the Theaterplatz across from Goethe and Schiller monument) that documents this most influential modernist style. The Liszt-museum right next to the university looks like Franz List just stepped out for a moment.
    And Weimar has the most art nouveau villas in Germany.
    I hope you go back once the weather is better and enjoy the parks (Park an der Ilm, Tiefurt, Ettersburg).

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