Dear readers, Yes, I know that I am about 3-4 weeks behind on posting another entry, but I have been extremely busy with classes and assignments that ...

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An Apology


This post is LONG overdue, but better late than never, right? A few weekends ago, a group of 9 of us took a day trip to Würzburg. It was 17 May, to b...

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Me, Valentin, Alena, Michaela, Joanna, Andrew, Kei, Erik, Jill, & Anni

Wednesday was the last day of April, and it is also a German ‘holiday.’ Walpurgisnacht always falls on April 30, no matter what day of the...

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Walpurgisnacht & Wartburg


On Friday I arrived in Lüneburg and Ryan showed me around the town. It is busier than Erfurt and has less public transportation. There are more cars ...

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Lüneburg & Hamburg


Monday was Jill’s actual 21st birthday, so we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and the staff was so sweet! Our waiter (I think he was ma...

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Week of 06.04.2014


Although this post was not originally published on 5.4.2014, these events happened the weekend of 5-6.4.2014, so I am changing the publishing date to ...

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Sunrise from my window

I made it to Germany! WOOO! The plane did not have wifi, so I could not blog from the air, but I decided to write on my phone, so what follows is from...

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The Past Few Days