Monday was Jill’s actual 21st birthday, so we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and the staff was so sweet! Our waiter (I think he was maybe the owner? And also Italian) brought a glass of champagne/ prosecco for everyone! Once we had ordered and eaten our food, he brought a huge piece of tiramisu for the birthday girl! It was so big that Jill ate about 1/4 of it, then let all 15 of her dinner guests try a spoonful, and there was still some left! After that he also brought out dessert for everyone else! How generous! Our dessert was similar to panna cotta, it I’m sure if it was actually that, but it still tasted delicious! I really enjoyed the bite of tiramisu; it had more caramel than coffee flavor, which was good for me, since I’m not a huge coffee drinker. I would definitely go back for coffee and dessert, or dinner again.

This past week felt incredibly long. Even though I went to bed at a reasonable time, I was still really tired the next day! I think the bed has something to do with it sometimes I wake up with a stiff back. (Oh how I miss my full size bed at home…)

Today we finished our Vorbereitungskurs and now we have a week free to do as we please. Since it was the last day, we had a final test, and it was easier than i thought it would be– either I know more Deutsch than I thought i did, or it was just sehr einfach! Since the test didn’t take the entire class time, what did we do after? We had a twice-as-long break in the middle of class, and then we sang songs that we had learned throughout the past three weeks. Said songs included: Bruder Jakob, Heinrich und Liese (not sure if that’s the actual name), Die Wanze, and one other that I don’t even know what it was called. After all that singing, we still got out of class 30 minutes early. This was an added bonus for me, because I now had more time fo make lunch and pack last minute items for my trip.

Friday, 14:30 – At this very moment, I am journaling from a train bound for Göttingen. From there I will catch another train to Lüneburg because I am going to spend a few days with Ryan, one of my friends from high school who is also studying abroad at the moment. He is finishing up his year abroad, whereas I’m only here for a semester, but I’m not complaining! I will return to Erfurt on Tuesday night, and will be signing up for sport classes on Wednesday and German classes on Thursday. At the moment I am not planning on going anywhere else for Easter, but that could change..

16:05 – As I stand on the platform in Göttingen, it is a bit chilly standing out here, and I think it might actually be snowing. Most of the days I’ve been here over the past three weeks it has been cold. I understand that it is still early spring here, but when at 08:45 its a beautiful spring morning, and then dark skies and raining by 09:30, I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT! Most days its a scenic town against a whitewashed sky. Somedays I just wish it was sunny blue skies.

While on the train to Lüneburg we passed another train, but this was no ordinary train. It was hauling a large number of Audi cars! I am so used to seeing cars transported by trucks in the USA that it never occurred to me that they could be transported by train! I would’ve taken a picture of it, but I didn’t have enough time :(

I made it to Lüneburg just fine. Ryan has a really nice apartment! I’m really jealous of him! It’s about 3x the size of my apartment in Erfurt. And what else do I find in Lüneburg? Sunny blue skies – just what I was wishing for.  :)

For Photos around Lüneburg, check out the “Photos” page.

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